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Program & Services Read More

Learn about our history and work


The CREDIBLE MESSENGER INITIATIVE (CMI) of East of the River serves the youth of Washington DC as they navigate the obstacles of society re-entry and acclimation. Our relationships with our youth stem from the Department of Youth and Rehabilitative Services (DYRS), Young Men Emerging (YME), returning citizens from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and the DC Department of Corrections (DCDOC). East of the River’s commitment to this vital population continues to be a benchmark as it gives an alternative to formal punishment and correctional actions. Our mentors prioritize the wellbeing of our youth and their families as they grow to be successful contributors to our society. Please use the contact us link to inquire about our Mentoring Services.


COVID 19 Response: CMI is participating in theSAFE PASSAGES PLAN to provide staff assistance around DCPS student meal sites and places where youth are congregating. Our continued mentoring support and societal re-entry mission is still ongoing utilizing in-person and electronic meetings with youth to ensure successful adherence to the goals and plans set in place for their continued societal support.


In partnership with Life Enhancement Services (LES), East of the River is providing mental health assessments and access to clinicians for communities east of the Anacostia River. With some of the highest populations in need of services for many issues, East of the River is answering the call to provide this critical care within the community it serves by removing the stigma and taboo of mental health needs and ensuring that those who desire the assistance can access it conveniently. Please use the contact us link to inquire about our Community Wellness program.


COVID 19 Response: Community Wellness program is still accepting applications and doing assessments via telephone and virtual meeting platforms. We can still be contacted if there is a need for mental health access and care.


Through partnerships with Blackwood Construction and other labor forces, East of the River is working diligently to ensure that those individuals east of the Anacostia River who want to work can have access to jobs. This is essential for long term success whether one is in a life transition or seeking to better themselves overall. Please use the contact us link to call and inquire about available jobs and interviews.


COVID 19 Response: Please contact our offices to inquire about job availability, interviews and next steps in the process using the contact us link.


One of the most critical needs in one’s life is access to affordable housing. East of the River’s mission for the last decade has been to utilize the resources within our reach to provide access to housing for low income, homeless and transitioning populations. Our one-block campus in Southeast Washington, DC houses many residents in various stages of living. From transitional housing for returning citizens, subsidized low-income housing and traditional tenancy leases, East of the River is working hard to bridge the gap and overcome this critical barrier to success. Please use the contact us link to call and/or email us if you have any questions or inquiries about housing.


COVID 19 Response: The Housing and Transitional Residency Program (TRP) division of East of the River is currently still reviewing applications for housing and placing qualified applicants in housing based on need and availability. To initiate the process, please contact the office via email or phone using the contact us link.

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